Power of Attorney Explained

January 3, 2022 by No Comments

Trust is something that is not easily given. Most of us have a few people we can truly rely on and have confidence that they are after what’s best for us. At times, we even trust these people, not only with our properties but also with our lives.

In a sense, proof of one’s trust in another person can be seen on a document called “power of attorney“. Have you ever heard of this legal document? It is a familiar term used in everyday life but not all people know about its multiple types, use, and purpose.

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A power of attorney is a legal document that states the authority given to a person called the “attorney-in-fact”, in trust and confidence and to a certain capacity, for them to execute tasks for another person called the “principal”. It is usually issued by incapacitated persons who are unable to handle affairs on their own. While this is true, there are also people who are fully capable and healthy but still choose to issue this document and allow their trusted family or friend to manage their matters.

And when it comes to properly drafting a power of attorney, the best person to get legal advice from is your family lawyer. Do you want to know more about power of attorney? This video brings you the legal help you need as it explains all that you should know about this document.


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