What Are the Keys to Success for Hispanic Entrepreneurs and Business Owners?

October 16, 2014 by No Comments

Hispanic Businessman - Headshot Portrait
Across the country, Hispanic entrepreneurs and business owners are being given the tools and strategies they need for success.

Earlier this month, the Hispanic Business Council of Abilene, Texas held its seventh annual “Business Mercado” event, which highlights and showcases Hispanic business and entrepreneurship in the area and their effect on the local economy. The Business Mercado event also featured mariachi bands, traditional Hispanic foods and more, according to KTXS 12.

Idaho’s Department of Labor is also encouraging Hispanics and Latinos to become entrepreneurs or start up their own businesses, according to KIDK 3. The state’s Department of Labor has several resources available to help aspiring entrepreneurs, including the Idaho Department of Labor Business Services Program and the Bingham Economic Development Corp.

“Hispanics tend to be the most entrepreneurial and I think a lot of that has to do with work ethic. They work hard and want to live the American dream,” Dan Cravens, a Department of Labor economist, said.

All these resources teach the basics of becoming a successful entrepreneur in a competitive job market. Successful Hispanic entrepreneurs are confident and have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Another surprising trait of successful Hispanic entrepreneurs? An attractive smile. In 2012, one study revealed that 74% — about three quarters — of American adults believe an unattractive set of teeth will harm one’s chances for success in their career.

Elias Trejo, an entrepreneur working as a real estate agent in Idaho, gave some more advice to aspiring entrepreneurs to KIDK 3.

“Really educate yourself on what your city needs and what services are lacking, and if you think you have what it takes learn how to be a business owner. If you don’t have four years of business school, go talk to the Idaho Department of Labor,” Trejo said.

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