3 Gift Ideas for Your Friend Who Loves to Travel

March 29, 2019 by No Comments

Traveling is something many people enjoy doing — whether it’s to a new town a few hours away, the 597 square miles of Oahu, or a completely new country, traveling gives people the opportunity to experience new sights, new cultures, and so much more. So if you have someone in your life who has been bitten by the travel bug and is always jetting off to a new place, you may be looking for a great gift idea for them. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of a few useful and fun gifts for the traveler in your life.


In today’s digital age, people always have their electronics on them, even when they’re traveling. From phones to cameras to laptops, there are a lot of electronic devices that may be packed in bags. So why not give your friend something to help them better use their electronics? First, consider getting them a portable charger — this way, they won’t have to worry if they forget to charge their phone overnight or if they don’t have access to an outlet. And speaking of outlets, if your friend is going on an international trip, you may want to consider getting them outlet adapters so they can always plug in their devices no matter where in the world they are. You should also consider other portable items, like Bluetooth speakers wireless headphones, and maybe even a tripod or camera clip. Your traveling pal is sure to appreciate any of these gifts.

Clothing and Shoes

When it comes to traveling, a good portion of what is packed is clothing and shoes, especially for long trips. This is why it can be a great idea to give your friend some useful clothing and shoes. And while the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average American spends $1,800 every year on clothes, you can find some great deals on travel gear. Let’s start with shoes — unfortunately, boots and sneakers can get pretty bulky. So consider gifting your friend a pair of lightweight, durable, and non-bulky shoes that they can wear whenever, wherever. And as for clothes, there are so many options for practical, innovative traveling wear. There are jackets that have moisture-wicking technology for rain or shine, hats that keep heads warm and are equipped with Bluetooth technology, and more. You could even give your pal a cute pair of compression socks — long flights can lead to unflattering swollen ankles, no matter what age they are. And fortunately, today’s compression socks are both functional and cute. So consider gifting your friend a few clothing items and shoes to wear on their next trip.

Organization Tools

One of the most important things to do while traveling is to stay organized. And there are so many different organizational tools, equipment, and bags that can help with that. You can start with new luggage or carry on bags filled with plenty of pockets to store smaller items. Backpacks always make great gifts because they’re good for both long and short trips. And as for luggage, packing cubes are a lifesaver — they can help minimize clutter and keep belongings tidy within the bag. Hanging toiletry bags are a must-have because they can help neatly store toiletry items but allow them to easily be seen instead of cramming them all into one bag. For smaller items, like jewelry, individual organizer boxes can be really great, too. Even the slightest bit of more organization can help when it comes to living out of a suitcase for a few weeks.

Giving any one of these gifts will be great for your traveler friend. And not only that, but a 2015 UGiftIdeas survey shows that 58.79% of people agree that relationships are made more meaningful when gifts are given. So help your friend out and remind them to think of you while they’re adventuring around the world.

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