4 Exercise Tips For Aging Gracefully

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It’s no secret that aging makes it harder to stay active. Slowing down is natural, since many health problems worsen with age, like joint pain, muscle stiffness, overall energy levels, and more. In fact, only 35 – 44% of adults 75 years or older are physically active, and 28-34% of adults ages 65-74 are physically active. However, it’s more important than ever to stay active as you get older; exercising regularly can help offset many of the health issues and regular frustrations associated with aging. Use these tips to help you stay mobile and in good health as you age.

Find A Sport You Love

Finding an activity that you love can help take the chore out of keeping up an exercise routine as you age. As long as you’re staying active and moving, it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look like traditional exercise; even light activity can help you burn calories. Playing tennis for fun can burn around 169 calories in 30 minutes for a woman, and 208 calories in 30 minutes for an average man. Look for activities and sports that are lower impact, especially if you suffer from joint pain. These will keep you up and moving for fun, which can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Stay Stretching

For many people, flexibility and stiffness can become a problem as they age. This can make active living difficult, as well as getting in the way of many daily routines and tasks. Part of this occurs due to disuse; the human body has more than 650 muscles, and not all of them get used on a regular basis. The longer these muscles go without regular use, the more likely they are to feel stiff and sore. Before starting any exercise or physical activity, take a few minutes to stretch. This will prepare your body and muscles for more active work and help you avoid injury.

Involve Friends And Family

One of the barriers many people face to working out or staying active is a lack of motivation. Exercising alone works great for many people, but some people are more likely to stay active if they have a group of people encouraging them. Talk to your friends or family and get them involved in your daily exercise routine, or ask them for advice on exercises to try. If your friends or family aren’t interested in getting involved regular exercise routines, see what fitness classes are available near you.

Personalize Your Exercise

Everyone works out and stays active for different reasons; some do it for physical benefits, but others find exercise to be helpful for their mental health. Activity and working out can be very helpful for maintaining your mental health as you age, and taking steps to care for your mental health is important during this period. About 20% of women experience some form of depression during menopause. Stick to a regular workout routine, but be sure to pick a workout plan that contributes to your mental health at the same time.

Staying active as you age can be a challenge, but doing so can help protect your physical and mental health. Exercising is a vital part of aging healthily and taking care of yourself. How do you stay active on a regular basis? What exercises would you recommend?

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