All Beginners Need These Plumbing Tools

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If you have drains that are constantly getting blocked, professional drain cleaning services can help you. If you are looking online for “tools at plumbing near me supply store,” you could find some options that are valuable for your home or office. Many people try to address these problems by using cleaning products that contain sodium hydroxide and other potentially toxic chemicals.

It’s possible for some of these chemical compounds to damage drains and nearly all plumbing parts. If the cleaning solutions aren’t used especially frequently, they probably won’t noticeably harm the plumbing system. That said, not all plumbing materials are risky to use. Professional plumbers can clear clogged drains relatively easily in many cases with proper equipment. You won’t have to worry about those systems getting harmed in the process.

Hiring a plumbing professional for this purpose and others might also not be quite as costly as you think. A plumber’s rates might be relatively low, especially if those technicians are just entering the profession or starting their own businesses. The average pay for plumbers isn’t usually lower than $20,000 a year. Some of them might earn as much as $75,000 each year with experience. For more information, contact a plumbing company that has positive reviews that you can verify.

Updated 5/10/22

Being a professional plumber or a homeowner who loves DIY home projects, there are some must-have tools you need to have in your toolbox. Some of the tools are necessary for most plumbing repairs or installations but it’s not required that you purchase all of them at once. These are some of the important tools you can purchase as you look into buying the other ones.


Wrenches are used to tighten or remove nuts and bolts during a plumbing repair or installation.


Hacksaws are used to cut into pipes during a plumbing job and lacking them could mean you won’t get to finish your project. They are also used to cut through nuts and bolts.

Threading Tape

It is used to seal or prevent small leaks from happening. They are also used to thread a joint connection, making them tough to prevent leaks there too.


You will need this to work on pipes during a plumbing project. Purchase a smaller size like slammer pliers because you will likely have to access tight places in the plumbing pipes during plumbing installation or repair.

It’s not essential to get an entire set of plumbing tools but stock up on the most common ones you should have including basic plumbing parts even if you are planning on doing at home plumbing DIY project for your residence. You could research where to find plumbing parts by searching up “24 hour plumbing parts” or “24 hour plumbing supply store near me” online and finding local stores in your area that offer plumbing supplies and tools. If you require professional help with your plumbing project, you could search the web for a local plumber in your area to come to fix or install plumbing in your home.

This video is for people of all skill levels interested in learning about plumbing. It discusses the various plumbing tools individuals need to do plumbing work. One tip the person explains to viewers is to find out where the main shutoff switch to the plumbing is when an individual moves into a new home.

Everyone should know where the control is to use it if an emergency arises.

Water pump pliers are necessary for plumbing work. Those items come in various shapes and sizes, but the user must ensure they are big enough to do the job appropriately. The proper pliers will be adjustable, and they will get tighter as the person torques down on them.

A base wrench is another tool a plumber needs. It’s designed especially for tight spaces under kitchen sinks and in bathrooms. However, it’s very flexible for getting into difficult spaces.

A screwdriver is necessary for plumbing, but it should be suitable. The person should replace the unit as soon as it shows signs of wear.

By watching the video, individuals can learn about the tools that can get them plumbing. They could also prepare themselves for DIY, contract, or occupational work.

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