Auto Manufacturers Turn to Video to Reach Hispanic Audience

April 15, 2015 by No Comments

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Online marketing has become a challenge for many companies, as consumers make the shift to mobile-based internet use. Brands are finding it difficult to reach consumers and potential employees through traditional internet platforms, and have turned their attention to mobile devices. This is especially true of companies who wish to reach Hispanic and Latino consumers and employees.

While 50% of mobile phone users use their phones as a primary source of internet access, in 2014, 40% of Hispanic Millenials in the United States were mobile-only Internet users. Honda was one firm that decided to take advantage of this demographic by searching YouTube for Latino stars to advertise the 2015 CR-V Crossover. Honda had very specific requirements for their social media outreach campaign, looking for family-oriented people whose content was produced entirely in Spanish.

Eventually, Honda chose Karla and Paola Celis, sisters from Tijuana, Mexico. The Celis sisters produced videos of their experiences test-driving the 2015 CR-V with their families, emphasizing the vehicle’s comfortable and spacious interior. The videos will be promoted on Honda’s Twitter and YouTube channel, as well as on the Celis’s individual channels.

Car shopping via video doesn’t end with promotion on YouTube. According to Buscador de Auto CEO Mat Koenig, Latino car shoppers watch more videos than the average population, in addition to doing most of their shopping from mobile devices.

To market to the Latino community, auto dealers should be sure to include mobile-friendly advertisements in their campaigns. To make the shopping experience more accessible, dealerships must staff Spanish-speaking employees and develop paperwork processes that are easier for Spanish speakers to navigate.

As the Latino community as a whole becomes more financially secure, car manufacturers and dealers need to respond with appropriate marketing, including attention to Latino and Hispanic shoppers’ interests and needs. Mobile-friendly videos and promotional materials are only the tip of the iceberg.

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