Hispanic Clinton Staffer Urges North Carolina Governor to Veto New Immigration Bill

October 16, 2015 by No Comments

Book with words Immigration Law and glasses.The undocumented community in North Carolina is holding its collective breath as a new bill being introduced by state legislative bodies could make it difficult for immigrants to find employment.

According to the Latin Post, North Carolina legislators recently sent Governor Pat McCrory a bill that would have a wide range of consequences for undocumented persons throughout the state.

The proposal, dubbed as House Bill 318 (H.B. 318), or the Protect North Carolina Workers Act, would make the process of determining whether someone is legally allowed to work in the state more rigorous.

The bill would also forbid the state from adopting a policy for “sanctuary cities,” which would excuse North Carolina from following federal protocol when dealing with a detained immigrant.

Hillary Clinton staffer Lorella Praeli, who is the director of the Hillary for America Latino Outreach group, thinks that the recent groundswell surrounding undocumented Americans is having an effect on legislative decisions.

“This anti-immigrant bill is more evidence of the influence Donald Trump has on the Republican Party,” Praeli said in a statement.

“This bill is simply unacceptable. The negative impact on the immigrant community would be immeasurable, and the bill will only damage the community trust necessary to have effective policing in the state. Republican Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, should veto this bill.”

Praeli is a DREAMer herself, so she knows the struggle of immigrating to America. DREAMer is a moniker given to undocumented youths by Clinton’s presidental campaign.

Praeli was born in Peru and immigrated to America when she was 10 years old. She was undocumented until she applied for a green card through the DREAM act in 2012.

There are over 300 bills currently awaiting action from the Senate, and a large percentage of them deal with immigration laws. The documentation process is extremely fluid, and some people without green cards live in fear of deportation every single day.

According to The Daily Tar Heel, Rubi Franco Quiroz is one of those unfortunate people.

“Every day I’m still like, ‘Mom, you have to text me when you get to work. Dad, you have to text me when you get to work, and text me when you get home,'” said Quiroz, who is the publicity committee chairperson for Scholars’ Latino Initiative and a spokesperson for the Carolina Hispanic Association.

People like Quiroz exist all over the country, and Praeli thinks that Democrats have a more strategic plan than their Republican counterparts to deal with the complex issue of immigration.

“While Republicans continue to promote policies that tear families apart, Hillary Clinton remains consistent in her positions to defend President Obama’s executive actions and to push for a comprehensive solution that includes a pathway to full and equal citizenship at the heart of any immigration reform plan,” Praeli said.

H.B. 318 was sent to Gov. McCrory on Sept. 30. He has yet to sign the bill.

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