Moving To Alaska: A Quick And Dirty Guide To Help You Prepare For The Journey

November 7, 2018 by No Comments

alaskaMoving is generally a hectic and costly endeavor, even when you’re just headed down the street. Preparing for a cross-country move involves a lot more planning, but the end result — being firmly planted in a brand new place on a brand new adventure — is always worth the effort. Having your valuables (including high-cost items like furniture and vehicles) flown out can make the trip a little shorter, but it can come with exorbitant fees. Instead, consider putting a positive spin on the idea of driving: make it an excuse to see the country (or as much of it as you can depending on where you live).

Alaska is well-known as one of the most beautiful natural places in our massive nation, boasting over 75 parks of its own. The drive may be extensive, but you’ll be able to pass through all that amazing wilderness on your way — as long as you’re prepared, that is! Here are a few suggestions to get your cross-country road trip started off on the right wheel.

Call the Car Doctor

Whether you employ the services of a moving company for your Alaska relocation or are determined to haul your things yourself, you need to make sure the vehicles responsible for getting you there are in tip-top shape. Make an appointment with your local mechanic to get the basics checked: fluids, tires, brakes, and battery. The global market for brakes and clutches is expected to reach $1.7 billion within the next 10 years, so your mechanic should have everything they need if a problem is discovered — or if you drive a manual and want to ensure there will be no bumps along this seemingly endless road.

Additionally, check your comfort vehicle checklist: if you’re traveling in the summertime, you don’t want to get stuck with a broken air conditioning unit in the sweltering heat, and vice versa for the winter — especially in Alaska!

If possible, rent or borrow a diesel engine truck for your journey: they are the most efficient engines when it comes to internal combustion, making them ideal in long driving trips, hence why almost all commercial tractor-trailers possess diesel engines. The change can save you significant amounts of money on gas fill-ups and will allow you to drive for longer without needing to stop.

Brace For It

We know that driving such a distance seems overwhelming, but you have to remember: there are, at any given time, approximately 5.9 million commercial vehicle drivers operating in the United States; that means that 5.9 million people are able to make those long, arduous trips, and they don’t have the added luxury of stopping to see the sights, or the knowledge that a wonderful home is waiting for their arrival.

Alaska is a beautiful place, and moving there offers a wealth of benefits. From the endless outdoor adventures to the endless summers, we know you won’t regret your journey.

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