New Study Shows Abortion Clinics Aren’t More Prevalent in Hispanic or Black Communities

July 17, 2014 by No Comments

Medical doctor woman using tablet pcFor years, pro-life activists have stated that abortion clinics are more prevalently located in black and Hispanic communities across the U.S., specifically preying on communities of color.

However, new statistics reveal that this argument is far from being based in fact.

According to a July 11 article, the Guttmacher Institute recently released statistics that show some six in 10 abortion providers are located in communities with a predominantly white population. In contrast, an astonishing less than 1 in 10 providers are located in communities with a higher-than-50% black population — and only 13% were located in predominantly Hispanic communities.

The findings invalidate one of the major talking points of the pro-life movement, which includes a large number of groups (including some 200 religious organizations) that have earned temporary exemption from the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that employers give free contraception access to their employees.

The pro-life movement, however, has declared that the Guttmacher Institute’s data is not accurate.

“Pro-life groups do not accept such data, saying other data show that minority communities are targeted,” aWashington Times article reports. One anti-abortion group still maintains that their figures that state 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics can be found in minority communities are “rock solid.”

But whether pro-lifers choose to accept the facts or not, one thing is true — abortion clinics in the U.S. do not, in fact, have a racial bias and do not target communities of color.

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