One Chinese Company Just Made a Smartphone That Charges in 15 Minutes

February 29, 2016 by No Comments

Man on smart phone - young business man in airport
The Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has recently announced that its newest digital technology will allow smartphones to fully charge in a record-breaking 15 minutes.

As reported by The Guardian and Engadget, Oppo isn’t known for sleekest or most glamorous designs when it comes to their smartphones. The technology inside those phones, however, is about to make them so convenient that they might just become the hottest gadget of the year.

Oppo’s technology, which it calls Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging (or VOOC, for short) was launched in 2014. It was based off Qualcomm technology which allowed smartphones to charge from an empty battery up to 80% battery life in under an hour. Oppo’s VOOC technology works in a similar way. Using a 2.500 milliampere-hour (mAh) battery and a low-voltage pulse-charge system, the battery can steadily charge without overheating.

The heat that batteries produce when charging is something that not only makes an electronic device dangerous in certain cases, but the prolonged exposure to heat also ruins the battery’s ability to charge. Oppo’s VOOC technology successfully charges the battery by moving the excess heat away into a handset charging station.

This feature certainly seems like a big draw to Oppo’s phones; there’s nothing worse than sitting in the airport tangled up at a phone charging station for four hours as other flyers eye the scene, waiting for an open spot. But the bigger question at play, and one which will determine the real usability of Oppo’s technology, is whether this new technology can allow its smartphones to have a battery life that can compete with other brands.

As consumers increasingly rely on their phones for more projects and functions, mobile apps necessarily use up more battery life. Around one-third of all smartphone users say that they consider their phones to be their primary way of accessing the internet; everything from chatting on social media to reading novels can be accomplished on a phone these days.

All of this activity means that smartphone users value a smartphone battery that can be charged fully and then last all day — so will Oppo be able to provide this feature, too?

Once Oppo’s VOOC technology starts rolling out later this year, it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how it stacks up against other popular smartphone makers.

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