Throwing A Dinner Party? Here Are 3 Ways To Avoid Disrupting Someone’s Diet

June 14, 2019 by No Comments

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Everyone loves a good party. Whether you’re halfway through college or heading toward your 50s, there’s nothing better than spending some quality time with your best friends. Unfortunately, hosting a party in 2019 is a bit more difficult than it used to be; approximately 66% of Americans are currently on a diet, meaning you need to bend over backward to meet their needs. If you’re looking to host a party that will be talked about positively for the next few months, catering to your friends’ specific diets is step one. Here are a few ways you can ensure everyone is happy.

Start Simply

If you want to please everyone, it’s best to offer a base dish that consists of food that everyone eats, then build out from there. You’re going to want to avoid meat and fish in this area; you’ll be forced to substitute options or take things away entirely, which makes the whole experience much more difficult. Vegetarian food is the best way to go, but many won’t be able to tell the difference between vegetarian and vegan; if you’ve tried your hand at vegan dishes and consider yourself to be well-versed, even your friends on strict diets won’t be able to resist.

Grains Go With Everything

Grains work as an anchor; because they go with essentially everything, they can very easily bring the entire meal together. They’re also quite filling. If you’re throwing a party comparable to a catered event (which sees between 100 and 250 guests), offering a grain dish can serve to satisfy those hungry bellies without too much effort. In the summer, grains can be served with salad; in the winters, stewed and roasted vegetables are ideal. With so many gluten-free options now available, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that people can’t (or won’t) eat.

Consider The Meal-In-Bowl Solution

If you’re looking for extreme flexibility, structure your dinner around a bowl. Start with a base — such as rice, quinoa, bulgar, or just good old fashioned greens — and then add a sauce. Whether you favor flavorful red sauces or thick and hearty cream sauces, they should be able to coat your grains with ease. Next, you simply add vegetables, a nice dressing (olive oil and vinegar are light and very popular options), top off the dish with some texture; from pumpkin seeds to alfalfa sprouts, the final product will be something that your entire circle will be happy to consume.

As your college roommates and fellow neighbors eat their specified dishes around the pool, you’ll be more concerned about their meal satisfaction than the whether or not your pool fencing is up to code (most require pool fences to be four feet high). Before you know it, everyone will be enjoying their unique servings and applauding your creativity in bringing it all together without a fuss!


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