What You Need to Know About Cell Towers

August 4, 2021 by No Comments

As humans have become completely reliant on their cell phones to do anything, including looking up information, communicating, and even finding their way home. Still, cell towers are widely overlooked, even though those cell towering services are so vital.

Most towers need to be as high as possible so that there can be optimal coverage.

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By pointing the antennas outwards and the inverse square law, you can safely be under or work on a tower without any major issues. This does, however, mean that there needs to be multiple towers in an area to provide the proper coverage. Nearby there will also be an equipment shelter, which uses fiber to connect to the internet. Depending on the tower’s location, there are going to be different precautions taken for storms, like using a densely packed and durable antenna.

Each cell tower has its own unique challenges. In some places, it’s about keeping a town’s aesthetic quaint. In other places, it’s about dealing with extreme weather. In any case, these towers are vital and require a lot of challenging planning and maintenance to run properly.

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