Why You Should Add Protein to Your Dogs Diet

September 6, 2022 by No Comments

Dogs in the wild had diets mostly made up of meat. This was a high-protein diet that helped to keep them healthy. Today, many people feed theirn grain-free dog food to make sure that they get plenty of protein in their diets. It can also be helpful to add extra protein to the diet to make sure the dog is getting the nutrition they need.

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With novel proteins, you can give your dog a protein that is not generally found in commercial dog foods. A protein such as turkey is a great way to get extra protein into a dog’s diet and to help them with any allergies they may have to the ingredients in regular dog foods. Many dog foods cause allergic reactions such as itchy skin and red rashes. A novel protein can reverse this problem.

Novel proteins added to a dog’s diet also give them the fatty acids they need for good heart health. When you change your dog’s diet, make sure to do it slowly so that their body will get used to the new food. If you are adding protein to your dog’s diet, add a little more each day until they have a good supplement of protein.


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