Congress gets back to work Monday looking like it will do what it does best: the bare minimum

April 25, 2014 by No Comments

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Congress gets back to work Monday looking like it will do what it does best: the bare minimum

After two weeks of vacation, congress is going to back on work. It is said that the lawmakers are going to discuss serious issues of the country. Will they really moot issues pertaining to unemployment? Will they force government for Keystone XL pipeline? Certainly they would not do this.

Inevitably, the divided congress – in Republicans and Democrats- would work to avoid recurrence of shutdown of the government. Yes, they would surely take some meaningful measures because they do not want to create anarchy in the country. Actually, elections are imminent and Republicans do not want to create trouble for the current government.

Apart from this, the most serious issue is the disbursements of funds for Highway Trust Fund. Administration says that the shortage of funding will grossly affect the ongoing construction projects. It says that lawmakers have returned back to their constituencies for seeking voters for the second terms and unless they do not come back to Washington, the situation would be really gruesome. On the other hand, the current highway bill is about to expire in September.

In addition, GOP lobbyist of the Nickles Group Hazen Marshall said that “though the (to-do list) is very short yet the degree of difficulty is the highway bill is very high”.
Besides, experts hold the opinion that Congress would act on highway bill before the commencement of August vacation and the $10 billion to $15 billion trust fund shortfalls will be surely resolved.

Last but not the least, there are 12 bills pending to become a law and congress is left with very short time. Hence the lawmakers need to address the pending issues before the commencement of midterm elections otherwise it would be really hard for the legislators to solve the issues during the time of elections.

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